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"One of the great design classics of the twentieth century"
"Almost certainly, more Nissen buildings have been constructed than any other one design. Nissen huts have been hospitals, barracks, prisons, farms. They've helped win two World Wars, explore the Arctic and tame the outback."

Simple, solid and as tough as Nissen Huts have always been, the Nissen No5 Garden Hut builds on Nissen designs of the 1940s to create a supremely practical and almost indestructible 1.6m x 2m garden building tested for years 1000ft up in the Peak District. Full plans available here.

The Nissen Buildings Company 'No5 Hut' design is registered at the UK Patent Office and is offered as a 'licence of right' for anyone to build for their own use on their own property. Construction for sale requires the purchase of a licence.

LICENCE TO MANUFACTURE This design is registered at the UK Patent Office No 6016789 and may not be reproduced, adapted, altered, sold or supplied without permission. Permission to manufacture for sale is granted by the purchase of the 'Nissen' badge, the price of which includes royalties, design and testing costs and design insurance. The product must be built as given in the plans supplied, subject only to necessary variations to ease manufacture. Responsibility for the quality and performance of the finished product rests solely with the builder. 'Nissen Buildings' and the 'Curve' logo are registered Trade Marks.

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