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"One of the great design classics of the twentieth century"
"Almost certainly, more Nissen buildings have been constructed than any other one design. Nissen huts have been hospitals, barracks, prisons, farms. They've helped win two World Wars, explore the Arctic and tame the outback."

Sewell Nissen Hut at the Chiltern Open Air Museum

The Nissen Italian Chapel on Orkney

Nissen homes in Bridge Road, Stratford in June 1969

Nissen Hut Hospital

Re-purposed wartime Nissen Huts in Malta

Re-purposed wartime Nissen Huts in Wales

A Nissen hut and water tower are two of very few remains of military structures left in Howbery Park

County Armagh

'Nissenhütten' providing emergency housing in post-war Germany

Nissen houses never quite caught on

At Wagga-Wagga, Australia

Nissen in Antarctica

Nissen at war

A whole Nissen street, Icelend, 1941

Cultybraggan POW camp in Perthshire is still there

There's plenty still about...

Rick Mayall as Inspector Gideon Prycke inspects a mysterious hut.

Noooooo! That's a Quonset Hut. American. Totally different thing

And, imitation being the sincerst, (L to R) that's a Portaseal Hut, Pacific Hut, Butler Hut, Cowin Hut

Wartime Huts: The Development, Typology and Identification of Temporary Military Buildings in Britain 1914-1945 by Karey L. Draper

Mirror News: WW1 Nissen Hut revamped for 21st century by inventor's great-grandson as office

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